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The MUSIC Group is one of the world's largest holding companies for pro audio and music products brands. As the corporate parent for world-recognized brands such as MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK, LAB GRUPPEN , LAKE, TANNOY, TURBOSOUND, TC ELECTRONIC, TC HELICON, BEHRINGER ,BUGERA,DDA and EUROCOM MUSIC Group owns and manages some of the finest brands in the audio industry.

The MUSIC Group provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals, corporations and amateurs, as well as for public and commercial applications. They include loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, powered mixers, computer-based recording and DJ products, microphones, headphones, wireless systems, musical instruments and professional lighting systems.

These products can be found in professional and project recording studios, video and broadcast suites, post-production facilities, sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, stadium clubs, retail locations and on major musical concert tours.

Rasha Professional A/S is a comprehensive high-tech company. Rasha Professional develops and manufactures innovative quality lighting fixtures for live production, touring markets, memorable events as well as for permanent installation in theaters, broadcast studios, houses of worship, clubs and mobile event venues.

Rasha Professional offers innovative, compact, quality entertainment lighting fixtures that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete efficient, memorable lighting projects on any budget and creates fast return of your investment.

Rasha’s motto is “QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD”. With this we have secured an excellent record of satisfied clientele. Achieving goals takes a special mix of skills, dedication, planning, and teamwork, perfected by experience. It is all a part of our management approach. Our clients advocate this as well. Innovation and flexibility goes hand in hand. Our goal is “100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and that’s a promise.

Since the beginning, the success of Rasha Professional can be attributed to a great vision, satisfied clients, uncompromising quality and enviable growth.

Focusing on superior customer service, quick order processes and fulfillment of products, Rasha Professional provided the opportunity to leverage its overseas operations by venturing its first branch in San Jacinto, California. Yet, within this short span of time, Rasha Professional has successfully launched the dealer program and continued to serve direct clients in different regions of North and South America.

The Rasha Professional A/S (US Division) Team will continue to focus on Company Operations to ensure they are providing efficient processes to better serve our clients.

Thank you for considering Rasha Professional for your current and future projects.

Founded in 1995, PreSonus® Audio Electronics, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of audio-recording and live-sound software, hardware, and related accessories. PreSonus's software, microphone preamps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, digital mixers, control surfaces, studio monitors, loudspeakers, and other products are used worldwide for recording, sound reinforcement, broadcast, sound design, and Internet audio.

After almost 40 years of intense activity in the world of audio, D.A.S. has acquired a valuable know-how in the development and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems. Recognized around the world for its quality products and customer oriented service, the company’s highly qualified staff is dedicated to designing and building an extensive line-up of products used wherever reliability and sound quality are requisite. The company headquarters is located in Valencia, Spain and occupies approximately 24,000 square meters (260,000 square feet) in Spain’s largest industrial park, the second largest in Europe. D.A.S. has an extended network of dedicated distributors across the globe. They are actively supported by regional sales and distribution centers located in Singapore and Miami, Florida, providing clients with the rapid response needed in today’s demanding market. Exceptional customer support, both before and after the sale, on-site technical training seminars and long-lasting business relationships are just a few of the reasons that have made D.A.S. above all, the professional’s choice. D.A.S. Audio is committed to innovation and the development of high-quality products. The R&D department employs highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art technology allowing the company to undertake ambitious projects and compete with the best. D.A.S. has secured its position as a market leader in the sound reinforcement industry while continuing to establish itself worldwide and develop new products that satisfy the requirements of an ever-changing market.


Achieving the perfect balance of high-SPL, bandwidth and low distortion, and maintaining that balance throughout the entire show, is a pursuit not accomplished in a lab alone. And for VUE Audiotechnik’s design chief Michael Adams, this well understood. For nearly four decades, Michael has been designing systems for one of the most respected production giants in the US. His concrete grasp of acoustical science is balanced by intimate, first-hand knowledge of real-world conditions and the unique challenges that engineers and system techs face every day. With the rigors of the road as his proving ground, Michael’s unique designs and aggressive testing methodologies have been honed in ways that a laboratory alone could never recreate. His rare combination of technical expertise and real-world savvy has made Michael one of the industry’s most sought-after collaborators, and his influence can be heard in some of professional audio’s most groundbreaking products. Today, Michael’s perspective forms the bases of VUE Audiotechnik’s own development philosophy. Through road-tested designs and state-of-the-art technologies, VUE engineers are improving everything from response linearity to coverage and output. And to ensure that each VUE Audiotechnik system delivers optimal performance throughout the show and under the most taxing conditions, we are integrating true, large-signal testing into our design process. At VUE Audiotechnik, we’re absolutely committed to improving every aspect of loudspeaker design, and we’re not afraid to think “outside the box” to achieve a better result.

The sound of the future is based on solid roots RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with a reputation for engineering and innovation as rich as its cultural heritage. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in the design, production and marketing of high-technology Professional and Commercial Audio products.Throughout its history RCF has continued to expand and diversify, and now satisfies every sound and music reproduction need: from single systems to large-scale, complex projects.For more than 60 years, RCF’s main administrative, R&D and production facilities have been in Reggio Emilia, where the company has a workforce with a diverse range of skills, united by their passion for sound, willingness to innovate and commitment to quality and performance.RCF markets its products through sales offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and the United States. In the rest of the world the company operates through a network of professional distributors, many of which have been working with RCF for decades.Today RCF employs more than 250 people and sells its products in more than 100 countries worldwide

Starting in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products to mobile entertainers, the Los Angeles, California-based ADJ Group has grown into a diversified global enterprise that includes five successful companies: American DJ, Elation Professional Lighting, Acclaim Lighting, American Audio and Global Truss. Collectively, these companies provide lighting, audio and staging products for nightclubs, discos, mobile entertainers, bands, concert tours, theatre productions, TV shows, cruise ships, churches, trade shows, architectural applications and more.

Chauvet is a major innovator, developer and manufacturer, leading the entertainment lighting market in terms of design, flexibility and options. Chauvet has four brands CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, ILUMINARC® and TRUSST®. Sold through a worldwide network of professional dealers and distributors, all brands have a global reach built upon three core tenets: Value, Innovation, and Performance—VIP for short. A passion for lighting and the drive to excel unite an otherwise diverse staff in South Florida, California, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Belgium. All share the realization that straightforward advice, after-sale service and support—going beyond top-of-the line products—are key to a truly satisfied customer. Chauvet actively pursues new technologies for all its market segments. Product design, marketing, technical support, sales, sourcing, quality control, warehousing and shipping functions are handled primarily in the United States. Chauvet Europe services Europe by also offering technical support, sales, quality control, warehousing and shipping functions from facilities in the United Kingdom and Belgium.